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Mon, Apr. 2nd, 2007, 05:36 pm



Tue, Mar. 27th, 2007, 04:41 pm
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Please comment and tell me what you think. It's not finished yet but I am hoping to finish it soon.

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Outside the wind whistled through the trees as the thunder broke the silence of the vacant Inn. The sound of the bell echoed through the empty halls.  A young attractive brunet and two young boys around the age of 6 and 12 stood at the front desk waiting.  An elderly woman staggered towards the front desk to greet her customers. “Yes how may I help you?” the old woman asked. “We would like a room for the week” the woman replied. “I see… yes…”the old woman hesitated for a moment before reaching for a key room number 213, engraved into the key was what looked like and an odd triangle. She handed the woman the key with a friendly smile on her face as she checked in. The woman and the two children headed towards the stairs and the old lady’s smile began to fade away.

A few days later when the clock turned to 3 :00 am the woman woke to two small figures in the doorway to her room “Mommy there is something in our room” said the oldest of the two boys with his brother by his side. “Honey did you have a bad dream again?” answered the mother. “No mommy is wasn’t a dream, I was sleeping and when I woke up there was a man standing over my bed he was angry saying that he was late and needed to get home to his wife.” The boy answered. “Look Jake sweetie I’ll come and see but this has got to stop it’s the same thing every night, honey there is nothing in your room it just your imagination, I told you not to watch any scary movies before you go to bed, because this is what happens.” The women headed towards the back bedroom followed by the boys, every night it was the same thing at the same time but tonight was different. As soon as the woman walked into the room she felt something, there was a presence, someone else was in the room with her. The door slammed in front of the boys Jake grabbed his brother and hid in the closet in his mothers room they huddled together as they heard their mother scream.

“Hey want some breakfast? ” Dean asked his brother as he walked back towards the car holding up a bag of barbecue chips and a diet coke. “No thanks I’m not really that hungry.” Sam replied as he looked up from the paper he was reading, he watched Dean dig in. “So…diet coke” Sam said with a smirk on his face. Dean gave his an angry glare and pretended not to hear him. “So what you got?” Dean asked with a mouth full of chips. “Well turns out that I found the Inn from my premonition, it’s in New Jersey.” Sam announced as Dean swallowed “Well lets hit the road if were gunna make it there in time.” Dean said as he set the Impala into gear and sped down the highway blasting his music. “Can you put it down? I have a headache.” Sam complained, just to get on Sam’s nerves Dean put the music louder and began to sing along. Annoyed he shifted in his seat and closed his eyes to try and get some sleep since he had hardly slept last night.

“Help me…” whispered Jessica to Sam who stood beneath her as she went up in flames on the ceiling. “No!” Sam yelled as his brother shook him awake, the Impala rested in the Inn’s parking lot. “Dude you okay?” Dean asked with concern in his voice. “I’m fine” Sam answered, just like he always did when his older brother would wake him from one of his nightmares. Dean looked at Sam knowing that he wasn’t telling him the truth “I’m fine” Sam repeated he felt childish about his nightmares, Dean never had nightmares. “This it?” Sam asked, trying to change the subject. “Yeah kinda reminds me of The Shining” Dean joked.

As they entered what seemed to be the lobby they noticed a man sitting in a chair facing the main doors, he was reading an old book, he watched the boys as they entered and walked towards the front desk. “Well that’s not creepy” Dean said with a fake laugh. Sam ignored him and rang the bell on the desk, there was a short pause of silence and then an old woman staggered up to the front desk, she came from a back room and on the door it read “employees only”. “Yes how may I help you fine young gentlemen?” she asked,  “Hi I’m Dean and this is my brother Sam we read in the paper that you were hiring.” Dean said. “Oh yes yes yes, you must be the gentlemen who I spoke to on the phone Mr. Swamson will show you boys to your rooms and get you started, I am Mrs. Hastings” explained Mrs. Hastings. Mr. Swamson motion for the boys to follow him, he led them up the stairs to room 201, as they entered Sam looked down the hall and saw two little boys, a woman’s head poked out of one of the room door as she called for them to come inside and eat. She saw Sam and gave him a welcoming wave, he smiled back. Sam thought back to his premonition. “Hey you coming?” Dean asked, as Sam snapped back into reality, and entered the room. “You boys will start tomorrow morning at 7 o’clock and not a second late I know your type, I have my eye on you boys one mistake and you’re gone! I don’t got no time for slackers!” Mr. Swamson warned, and left the room. “Seems like a nice guy I think you and him are gunna get along fine.” Dean teased. “Hey you okay, you haven’t said a word since we left the car” Dean said concerned. “Just thinking” Sam answered, “You wanna fill me in?” Dean replied. “It’s about Jessica isn’t it? You still having those nightmares?” Dean questioned. “I told you I’m fine, just a little tired.” Sam responded. “Sam-” but before he could finish his sentence Sam cut him off “Dean I’m fine you need to stop worrying about me, we need to figure out what it going to kill that woman and how to get kill it.”


Dean was shaken awake the next morning by Sam. Dean threw his fist wildly at the ninja trying to keep him away from his hamburger. "Dean WAKE UP!" Sam yelled while trying to avoid the oncoming punches “What they hell are you doing! Its 6:45 in the morning let me sleep.” Dean said half asleep. “Dean we’re supposed to be downstairs at 7. Get up and get dressed. You don’t want Mr. Swamson to get mad at you on your first day?” Sam teased. “Shut up.” Dean groaned.

As the brothers headed downstairs Sam could hear Mr. Sawmson arguing with someone. When they reached the bottom of the stairs they could see that it was the woman from Sam’s premonitions her boys were sitting in the lobby playing with something. Dean noticed it first and walked over towards the two boys, but Sam cut him off before he could open his mouth. “Hey what you got there?” Sam asked one of the boys. The boy jumped and turned around to face Sam and Dean “Nothing! It’s mine!” the boy almost yelled. Sam could see that what the boy was holding was a small coin with a triangular symbol carved into the middle. Dean noticed the other boys sitting in the chair in the corner of the lobby, Sam motioned to his brother to go and talk to the other boy, he walked over towards him “Hey I’m Dean what’s your name?” Dean asked. “Mikey.” the boy answered as he looked up. “Well Mikey do you think you could tell me where your brother found that coin?” Dean asked. “He didn’t find it… I did” Mikey replied. “You think you could tell me where you found it?” Dean questioned. “We were playing hide and seek… I went to go and hide in the back room… were not supposed to go in there that what my mom said, but I did anyways, I was just gunna hide under the desk, but then I saw the coin on the floor, I picked it up.” Mikey said. “Then did you show it to your brother?” Dean asked. “He told me not to tell anyone, said Mr. Swamson would be mad if he found out.” Mikey said.


When they got back to their rooms Dean told Sam what Mikey had told him. “I wonder how Mr. Swamson found out that they had the coin?” Sam asked. “Ya, he wasn’t to happy about it.” Dean said. “on the coin the was this symbol” Sam said  as he walked



Sun, Mar. 25th, 2007, 10:12 pm
First Entry

I will try and make this as interesting as I can... but as it's my first journal entry it will most likely be boring... anyways...

My name is Sarah I am obssed with the show Supernatural sadly it is my life, my favorite character from the show is Dean, I luv Jensen Ackles I think that he is an amazing actor. Who doesn't have their eyes glued to him on the TV every thursday night..."sigh" back to reality. The one person that I can't stand on the show is JO. Sam put it perfectly in Born Under a Bad Sign when he told her that Dean did not like her and only thinks of her as a little sister (even if Sam was evil... it still counts) Well looks like only have one thing left to say...


and 4th and 5th and 6th....and so on. If you agree with me please comment this entry and tell me why you know that this show must keep going.